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Specialised Project Consultancy

OCPI has established itself as a specialist go-to automation engineering consultancy, providing solutions from the early stages of conceptual design through to project execution and systems maintenance.

Working as an integrated part of your team, provides the synergy to help you achieve your three golden targets on any project:

  • On time;
  • On budget; and
  • To a standard that exceeds your expectations.

OCPI also has in depth operational experience assisting our customers to streamline their processes to:

  • Increase productivity;
  • Enhance system uptime;
  • Create and maintain a competitive advantage;
  • Support good decision making;
  • Solve complex issues;
  • Boost profitability and performance;
  • Improve safety and reliability;
  • Develop pro-active maintenance routines;
  • Implement effective business reporting structures.

Providing innovative automation and control system solutions for a range of projects in the manufacturing, resources, utilities, oil and gas sectors, you can rely on OCPI for the insight and experience to meet and exceed your project outcomes.